What if the Sheep Had Two Brain Cells In Their Skulls?

It is a good thing sheep do not have more than one Brain cell.
If there were two or more brain cells in their heads they might collide and cause a massive explosion.

Imagine a chain reaction where all the sheeps heads exploded at once!

I am much more fortunate than “human” sheep.
The sheep Trimble in their wool worrying God will send em to hell for this or that!

God can not send me to hell.
God already did.
There are terrified bleating and sheep shit everywhere!

In 1799 George Washington took a ride overlooking his farm operations in cold damp weather.
He came down with some type of respiratory illness.

Martha called in the “health experts”, the “doctors”.
One shoved a suppository up his ass and made his s#it his brains out.
Another made him throw up several times.

Once they had him dehydrated at both ends, they drained almost half his blood out.

George died.

If Martha had just give him warm tea and chicken soup he very well may have lived several more years.

The Ole Dog!

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