The Search for Understanding and Wisdom

The search for understanding and wisdom never ends short of standing in the presence of God-
To reach that hallowed destination one must many times be laid beneath the sod-

Understanding and knowledge weighs heavier on the soul than the largest of stones-
A pilgrimage of many lives leaving a trail of shattered scattered bones-

The faint of heart and spirit shrinks from the pain and heartache of spiritual growth-
But the pilgrim soul while understanding the cost eagerly embraces both-

The insanity of battle, the screaming of the lost souls embracing death in pain-
The searching for true love, the broken heart when each life that love to death is lost again-

Never on this earth can that burden be laid to rest-
For this world is a school of souls, a spiritual test-

The brave through submission to God will one day move beyond this world of strife-
To a new world, a new plain, a more blessed place of enlightened life-

The Ole Dog!

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