Protection From 4th Dose Of Non Vaccine Killer Jab For an Imaginary Not Proved to Exist “Illness” Wanes Completely Within Months: Study

I have to admit the killer jabs do keep the killer jabbed from getting ill. When you are dead, you can not get ill! But anyone peddling such bull shit as to pretend the killer jabs keep one from contacting a mythical “illness” never scientifically proved to exist should be forced to take a couple […]

Former Australian MP warns 75% of COVID-19 vaccinated women are experiencing miscarriages

So when does humanity start hanging those who aided in the Holocaust of Humanity Via Killer jabs? Politicians, talking head “news” whores, Sunday school teachers, doctors, hospital administrators, mayors, city council weenies, school board members, popes, charlatan preachers and other degenerate evil ass holes! Remember, no one has scientifically proved the alleged “SARS-COV-02″ Virus” exist, […]

Mass Murderer War Criminal John Bolton mocks First Amendment as reporter Kidnapped For Telling the Truth

“Former US national security advisor John Bolton joked about the First Amendment as a protesting journalist was detained for accusing him of lying about weapons of mass destruction and “covering up war crimes in Afghanistan.” USA!-USA!-USA!-USA! Land of the sheep, And home of the slave!

US sets conditions for India to buy Russian oil-BECAUSE GOD DIED AND LEFT THE USA IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD

‘US sets conditions for India to buy Russian oil’ Russia is an indépendant country. India is an indépendant country. USA is an illegal occupier of America, a criminal international pedophilic Usury banker’s run corporation. So of course the little children raping mass murderers who hold forth in Sodom & Gomorra on the Potomac figure […]