“The People” Determine If Their World Is A Good Place, Or World Of S#it

America was not supposed to become an empire, but it did.
Now the empire is dying.
The American people will suffer greatly.
Many will die.
Sex sold on the street corner will be plentiful and cheap.

Anyone who has studied history knows the progression of kingdom, countries, democracies and empires by heart.

To an oppressed people is sent a leader. a warrior, a prophet which leads the people to possess a land, to build a good place to live and raise a family.

For a generation or two some of the people remember the hardships, the evil they had to go through to get to a good place and try to be good honorable people dealing with others in respect and justice.

Most forget all about it and go back to trying to screw everyone else to get the most goodies, be the biggest man or woman in town, to climb to the top of the heap.

Even if evil “leaders” come along, if the people retained their goodness, were spiritually pure, the evil seed could not take root.

In America evil “leaders” soon appeared and the evil me first lets rape children and murder others in unjust wars for profit people loved them, because it mirrored the evil desires in their own misbegotten souls.

Time came when the ones trying again and again to help America, gave up and just marked time.
The ones God listens to understood it was an insult to God to ask blessings and protection on such a evil people, who love raping children and murdering others in unjust wars for the loot to party on.

So they stopped asking God for mercy for the evil Americans.

America is long heavy train.
The brakes are out.
It is picking up speed going down a steep seven mile grade.
At the bottom of the grade is a high rock bluff and a hair pin turn in the tracks.

It is much too late to stop the run away train.

Going to be a hell of a wreck!

The Ole Dog!

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