Manshell Obama, 58, details struggles with menopause

You have to wonder who comes up with this Micky Mouse bullshit.
Trannies with a dick and balls don’t struggle with menopause.

Maybe this tranny has menopause also?

I wonder if the queer president of France’s tranny has menopause problems?

You have to wonder if when they write this shit they are rolling around on the floor trying not to s#it their pants from laughing.

Just remember this is the same “media” which is telling you there was a scamdemic.

And that Musk is the richest man on earth.

I Mean, would a bunch who lied to you about all this lie to you?

And don’t forget they are being completely truthful when they report the “election results”.

Michelle Obama, 58, details struggles with menopause – revealing she’s suffered hot flashes and ‘slow creep’ weight gain: Ex-First Lady says she’s given up on maintaining her famously-toned arms in favor of staying ‘fit enough’


Ya think they will show us a video of how Manshell sticks a Kotex up his dick?

The Ole Dog!

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