We Killer Jabber Scammers Mass Murdered millions Of Humans, But We Should Get Ancestry. S#it Happens

The Holocaust of 3,000 Americans in New York on 11 September 2001 was done by the same End of Times Death Cult.

Every American who died in the last twenty years of evil illegal wars based on lies and fought for Jews, was murdered by the Jew cult.

These are no longer humans.
These are demonic beings.
Zionist Zombie Virus host.

They will never stop murdering humans until they are dead.

This time they have mass murdered millions with a killer jab for a faked scamdeic, with many more who are the walking dead killer jabbed.

Now that folks are figuring out it was a scam in order to mass murder humans, the evil non human Zionist Zombies are saying, we were well intentioned, sure we may have mass murdered millions and we are still trying to killer jab millions more, but forgive and forget.

After all you are not Jew Cult members.
Your lives are worthless.
The millions we have murdered are not Jew cult members.

So we should get Amnesty.
So the whole “COVID” thing was the big lie to slaughter non Jews.
Forgive and forget huh?
And never forget, we hate you.

I am a country boy.
When a skunk, a fox, even one of your own dogs you may love gets infected with the Rabies virus, you must understand even though the virus host may look like a skunk, a fox, your dog, you Must kill the host body to protect humanity and God’s other non virus creatures.

The Ole Dog!

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