‘It was sudden and it was unexpected’: Emotional Megyn Kelly announces death of 58-year-old sister from a Killer Jab Heart Attack

Those who could not see the scam were spiritually blind.
Those who took the killer jab knowing it was bull s#it were spiritually weak.

If they have not already, they will pay for their lack of trusting in God instead of trusting in man with their lives.

The Ole Pure Blood Unjabbed Dog!

Megyn Kelly told listeners of her podcast that her sister Suzanne Crossley died
Kelly, 51, became emotional as she revealed Crossley, 58, died of a heart attack
Kelly rushed to New York to be with her family, saying it was ‘really emotional’

Talk-show host Megyn Kelly has revealed that her older sister died suddenly after suffering a heart attack over the weekend.

Kelly, 51, emotionally told listeners of her podcast The Megyn Kelly Show that her sister Suzanne Crossley, 58, died on Friday in Delmar, New York.

‘I’ve got to tell you that something really sad happened in my family over the weekend,’ Kelly said as her voice cracked with emotion at the beginning of the podcast on Monday.

‘My sister died. She was 58. Her name was Suzanne Crossley. And she died suddenly on Friday of a heart attack.’

Kelly added: ‘She hasn’t been in very good health for the last couple of years. It’s been one problem after the other. It was sudden and it was unexpected.’

Kelly said that she rushed up to New York as soon as she was told that her sister had suffered a heart attack and she was with her mother Linda, brother Paul and her nephew Brian – one of Crossley’s three children – when her sibling passed.

The broadcaster became emotional and paused briefly before she said it was ‘really hard and emotional’ when Crossley died.


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