THE STATE OF TEXAS is an Illegal Occupation Sub Corporation of the USA/DC Corporation, Negating any Purchases of Texas Ports or Land By The CCP

Any land or operations sold to any foreign country or citizens of a foreign country are null and void as the Occupied Republic of Texas has not been allowed to have its own courts, military or government since 1865. A home invader can not take by force that which is not legally theirs, sell all […]

New study claims to have determined Covid-19 origin Although No One Anywhere In The World Has Scientifically Proved the Illusive “SARS-COV-02” “Virus Exist Said to “Cause” the Mythical “COVID-19” “Illness”

Say, I have some dandy ocean front property in the Sahara desert I will sell you. Cheap! The Ole Dog! The virus behind the Covid-19 pandemic has a genetic structure typical of “synthetic viruses,” authors say. The virus that caused the Covid-19 pandemic was most likely created in a laboratory, a study by German and […]

Elite US unit of Killer Jabbed Trannies Ready to Get Fudge Packed By the Russian Bear in Ukraine if conflict ‘escalates’

Killer jabs cause heart attacks where young otherwise healthy folks fall down kicking and die. War is not a spectator sport. Lots of humping heavy gear, marching, running, sudden adrenaline rushes heavy breathing and such. So these mercenary troops in the USA Corporation’s killer jabbed tranny queer fudge packing “soldiers in the USA Corporation’s mercenary […]

Shock Video: Transgender Activist Strips Naked on Live TV Broadcast, Plays Piano with His Penis

Sorta like the queer Khazarian Jew “comedian” hand puppet in Ukraine Huh? If you have not figured it out yet, evil demonically possessed Zionist Zombie Virus host are running the world presently, mass murdering humanity while raping God’s innocent little children. The Ole Dog! A transgender comedian appeared on UK television to play a song, […]

Australia the New USSR Stonewalls Torture Prevention Inspection

Here Australians were peacefully marching down a street in protest of the demonically possessed communistic political whores war on humanity via Rothschild’s Scamdemic when these “brave” Gestapo goons assaulted this grandmother wrapped in the Australian flag, threw her to the asphalt breaking her hip and then pepper sprayed her. For peacefully protesting the Demonically Possessed […]

World-class veteran bodybuilder Doug Brignole dies of “unknown causes” after getting Moderna Killer jab and advising the world to avoid all the anti-vax “fearmongers”

Another avid vaccine pusher and promoter dies from SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) soon after getting the Moderna mRNA gene mutation jab for the Fauci Flu, and ironically after he promoted the clot shot jab across all of social media. Doug Brignole was 63 years of age and an icon in the bodybuilding world, who […]