“Scientists” Who Brought You An Explosion Of Aggressive Cancers Including In Younger People Via the Non Vaccine Killer Jabs, Now Say They Can “Vaccinate” Against The Cancers They Caused Using The Same Voodoo “technology” They Used To Create the Cancer Crisis

Oh yes, also the New World Order Whore, Tustie Gabby, who voted without fail to fund blowing up little children all over the world, war crime illegal invasions and occupations, now wants to “save” Americans from herself and her masters. “Tulsi Gabbard dares to challenge Washington’s war machine” https://www.rt.com/news/564594-tulsi-gabbard-democratic-party-us/ ‘Scientists suggest when cancer jab may […]

Odds and Ends of a Spiritual Nature

Napoleon said “History is a lie agreed upon”. So are religions. Religion and spirituality are two very different things. My father was a minister, one of the few I still respect. I grew up in church. He spent his life trying to stop people from drinking up the rent and food money, cheating on their […]