Who at San Antonio City Hall Gets the Bribes To Poison San Antonio Children?

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagger pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

‘A Pendejo mayor of a South Texican city’

A Pendejo mayor of a South Texican city-
Powders and rouges the cheeks of his behind, so it will look very pretty-

To the gay knight, in purple tights and pink hair-
Who the pendejo, his behind can not wait to bare-

It has a date set up in shadows of the Stolen Park-
Without that offending Confederate Statue distracting his knight from hitting the mark-

The Meeting will come to order he says, as he sinks to his knees-
As he begs his chosen purple tighted knight, Please, Oh Hurry Please!

The Ole Dog!

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