Rothschild’s UK Intelligence Plotted Crimean Bridge Bombing

red Russian Khazarian Communist KGB agent the Rothschild’s Putinister

There is a game cops play when they are manipulating humans.
Good Cop-Bad Cop.
They pick roles, one plays the ass hole, one plays the “good cop” which tries to “defend” the human against the bad cop.
Together they scare and herd the human through whatever slaughterhouse door they are working towards.

“Governments” which behind the curtain are all controlled by the same evil

play “Good Government-Bad Government”.

The Rothschilds know most humans are ignorant to the extremes, they are sheep which depend on those “in authority”, “government” and the Rothschild’s MSM networks to tell them what to think.

They know if they work both sides like rubbing two dogs noses together, they can make them fight even when they dogs may be friends.

I suggest instead of poor kids killing and dying in wars which would not happen if by the Rothschild’s own words, they did not want them, the Rothschilds and their “heads of states” die in these wars.

Like the Colosseum Gladiator contest of old.
Humans put the Rothschilds and their heads of the states which are caterwauling for war in a sports arena, give them all knives and clubs, and let them kill each other until only one is left standing.

If humanity is lucky, none of them will survive.

It can be put on pay per view and the proceeds used to feed the people who are poor because the Rothschilds and their minions stole all the natural resources and wealth of their lands.

Works for me.

The Ole Dog!

‘Rothschild’s UK Intelligence Plotted Crimean Bridge Bombing’

Months ago, British intelligence operatives reportedly studied ways to blow up the strategic bridge that was attacked last week.

Attacking the strategically vital Crimean Bridge was clearly not a new idea for Ukraine and its anti-Russia allies. In fact, UK intelligence officials reportedly commissioned a study in April examining ways to blow up the key transportation link across the Kerch Strait.

The secret plot was drawn up at the request of senior British Army intelligence operative Chris Donnelly, the Grayzone reported on Tuesday, citing internal documents and correspondence that the investigative journalism outlet obtained from an unidentified source. The stated goal was to destroy the bridge to cut off a key Russian supply route, isolate military forces in Crimea and temporarily block maritime access to the Sea of Azov.

The attack roadmap was titled, ‘Audacious: Support for Ukraine Maritime Raiding Operations’, and it was produced by UK military veteran Hugh Ward, according to the documents obtained by Grayzone. Donnelly, who’s also a veteran NATO advisor, called the plans “very impressive indeed.”


UK Intelligence Plotted Crimean Bridge Bombing

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