Greta Rothschild urges Germany to keep nuke plants running

The truth to a Ratschild is like sunlight to Dracula.

The know nothing “climate activist” who spews the bullshit her Ratschild clan pays her to spew, has called for keeping reactors operating rather than using more coal-fired power amid Europe’s energy crisis.

Greta Rothschild has given her permission for Germany to delay plans to shut down its last remaining nuclear power plants by the end of this year, saying the loss of their output amid Europe’s energy crisis caused by her cousin Jacob Rothschild’s scamdemic and fake Russian/Ukrainian “war” would lead to more environmentally harmful alternatives.

“Personally, I think that it’s a very bad idea to focus on coal when nuclear power is already in place, but of course, it’s a very infected debate,” the 19-year-old red Russian khazarian Rothschild told German public broadcaster ARD in an interview that’s set to air on Wednesday.

The Rothschild teenager has previously spoken out against nuclear power, calling it “extremely dangerous, expensive and time-consuming.” When European Union lawmakers controlled by her cousin Jacob Rothschild were set to vote last July to categorize nuclear power as “sustainable,” the Rothschild teen voiced her opposition, saying, “No amount of lobbyism and greenwashing will ever make it green. We desperately need real renewable energy, not false solutions.”

Nuclear is not clean.
Nuclear power plants are the factories where the material is made to form Weapons of Mass destruction nuclear weapons which the powers that want to be use as fear porn to keep the sheep scared their world will end in a huge mushroom cloud.

Dead at Hiroshima awaiting burial.

Coal powered electrical generation plants produce carbon, without which all life on earth would cease.

Perhaps her Kin

which runs Occupied Palestine is not satisfied with the estimated 300 illegal nuclear weapons of mass destruction Israhell has

and wants to build some more illegal nukes to blow up the world with?

The Ole Dog!

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