The Sheep Bleat In Fear & S#it Their Wool, But Are Incapable Of Simple Deduction-Or Vote For Beto

Now, I am not now, nor have I ever been a sheep.
My ancestors had big balls and sharp swords.

Alexander kicked Persia’s butt and married some Persian women.

Gaius gave the elites of Rome the finger and crossed the rubicon with his Legions.
He also married a native women in Egypt.

Ragnar made the King of France run and hide in a women’s convent.

Fernando the 3ed ran the Moores out of Spain and united the country.
His second queen was younger and he kept her close while he waged war.

William the Bastard showed the English how things were done.
He had a wife who was his match, so he did not need another.

Edward the First’s Uncle took Edward’s wife prisoner and held her captive for a year when Edward was a young man.
Edward defeated his uncle in battle, cut his dick and balls off, shoved them in his uncle’s mouth, cut his head off and sent it to his aunt as a warning to anyone else got any ideas.

In America my cousins are George Washington, George Patton.
Along with Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

No sheep blood here.

I seldom watch any television unless I have gone to bed and am trying to go to sleep.
I NEVER watch the “news” as when I graduated high school and took my university entrance exam I scored in the top 97% of the whole country and territories in things like military knowledge, government, law, economics, history.

That means I can smell bull shit a long ways off and know lies and propaganda when I see or hear it.
Which is why I don’t watch the “news”.

Without explaining the whole thing, the USA’s invasion of Texas was a war crime and illegal.
Their 158 year occupation using a sub corporation called ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ which is not a legal government of the occupied Republic of Texas is an ongoing war crime.

This means whoever gets “elected” to the whore house in sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado is a Criminal guvnor administrator of an illegal occupation sub corporation of the USA Corporation headquartered in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Which brings me to this.
Last night channel surfing trying to find something on TV which was interesting and not total propaganda or downright stupid, I saw a commercial twice.

There were some sheep who’s lambs were slaughtered in an FBI false flag mass shooting so politician whores could caterwaul for more stealing Texicans’ God Given rights of self defense, at a school in Uvalde Texas.

AsI was born in Uvalde and still have kinfolk living there and knew some of the people who lost kids to the false flag, I have a personal interest.

These parents of dead kids killed because the USA and their bitch sub corporation, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ had illegally stolen Texicans God Given Rights to go armed so as to protect themselves and their loved ones, leaving those kids at the school sitting duck targets in a “Gun Free Zone”, were doing a commercial saying Texicans need to elect Beto, a Gentuza Irishman trying to make folks think he is a Mexican,

so as to get the votes of the illegal invaders from Mexico who should not be in Occupied Texas or allowed to vote in the first place, because he says he will steal more of Texicans Rights to self defense by passing more gun grabbing laws.

They say Guvnor A-Butt

is to blame for their kids being dead as A-Butt will not steal Occupied Texicans God Given Rights to self defense fast enough to suit them.

They ignore A-Butt is having to pretend to be a conservative to get elected for another term.
Passing sweeping steal everyone guns laws in Texas is political suicide.

A-butt does want “Red Flag Laws’ to steal any Texican’s weapons who some social worker or shrink decides MIGHT do a crime, even if they never have and have not yet done one.

So you have sheep who’s lambs were slaughtered because of USA and ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ disarming laws, and the killing was done in a false flag by the ones they want to stop future mass shootings, who’s heavily armed agents stood around playing with themselfs and doing circle jerks for over an hour while their lambs were slaughtered.

While they ignore the FACT the killing was only finally stopped by an off duty border patrol agent who’s wife was a teacher and who’s daughter was a 3ed grader there, ignoring the official order to stand down while the shooter slaughtered more kids, used his barber’s privately owned shotgun to enter, rescue his loved ones and put a stop to the killing.

So these Einsteins want to take away private weapons in the hands of law abiding Texicans like the barber who handed the father and husband who put a stop to the evil, his privately owned pump 12 gauge shotgun, while giving more weapons to the “law enFORCEment” clowns who stood around doing nothing while their lambs were slaughtered!

There is a place they can move where it is illegal for anyone but police and military to have weapons.
It’s called Mexico.
The laws saying only cops and military can have weapons has worked so well in Mexico have they not?
Where the drug cartels mow down women, children, corrupt cops and military protecting the opposing cartels drug business, with weapons the law says they can not have.

Most sheep out there are afraid if they do not do exactly as they are told, God will send them to hell.
God can not send me to hell.
I am already here.
I walk among bleating in fear brainless sheep!

The Ole Dog!

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