Take Killer Jab, Die, You No Longer Breath, Eat or Poop

You might shake your head at the stupidity of the above propaganda to try to get folks to commit assisted suicide with the spike protein Killer Jabs.

But think like a demonically possessed evil minion of the dark side.
The dumb ones believe it is humans are causing climate change.
The unjabbed smart ones know it is not humans causing climate change but they have convinced the dumb true believers it is.
It is not.
The climate always changes.

But think like a evil minion with holes drilled in their brains by the spike proteins of the Killer Jabs.

If you believe humans are causing climate change, then you also believe if you can get enough of sheep humans to commit assisted suicide with the killer jabs, that will slow or stop climate change.

Total BS of course.
The smart ones did not take the jab but they are trying to get you to.
The sheep true believers do not think anyway,. just believe and regurgitate whatever pig slop they are fed that day on the boob tube, or social media.

I have tried for about two years to save the sheep from themselves on this killer jab thing.
At this point, if you are a true believer of whatever the elites feed you, you throw sheep s#it at any who does not want to commit suicide with the herd, please, go get some more boosters.

The sooner you damn well die, the sooner the smart humans with a set of balls can put the evil SOBs who are mass murdering humans on trial and hang their asses.

The Ole Dog!

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