Zelensky Signs Decree Ruling Out Peace Talks With Putin

Queer Khazarian Jew comedian masquerading as “president” in USA’s puppet “government” of Ukraine, Zelensky, said there will be no peace.

The limp waisted little coward who sends other folks to die for his financial gain ruled out any talks with red Russian Khazrian Jew President Vladimir Putin,

declaring they would be an “impossibility.”


The little Rothschild Bitch wants war?

Jew to Jew.
Back to back.
The Rothschild’s bitch Khazarian Communist KGB agent the Pututinister and the Rothschild’s queer Khazarian Jew comedian bitch Zelensky, pistols, back to back.

Ten paces each.

Wars over.

Now if they should so desire, I don’t see any problem substituting AK-74s on full auto for the traditional pistols.

The Ole Dog!

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