DUI: Illegal Alien Was Out On Bond When He Fatally Struck Toddler In Texas-Bexar County sheriff F##K Texicans Salazar Worried Illegal Criminal Invader’s “rights” Were Violated

HOUSTON, TX – On Saturday, police arrested Rene Alfredo Alvarado-Lopez, 22, after arriving at an apartment complex, where witnesses were holding him after he reportedly ran over a 2-year-old boy.

Alvarado-Lopez was driving a green Dodge Ram pickup truck through the parking lot of the apartment complex when he struck a child walking in the driveway area. Alvarado-Lopez drove off. Witnesses pursued him and caught up to his vehicle outside the front of the apartment complex. Lopez was speeding through the parking lot of the complex at 8400 Nairn St. in a Dodge Ram pickup truck when he hit the toddler, who was walking with his parents to the ice cream truck.
Despite paramedics’ efforts, the little boy was pronounced dead at the scene.
Upon questioning, the Salvadoran national told officers that he had consumed five 32-ounce beers before the fatal crash.
At the time of his latest arrest, the illegal alien was actually out on bond from Collin County, Texas, on a DUI charge, according to court documents.


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