The Interesting Court Case of Texas v. White (WHEN THE yankees DECLARED SECESSION ILLEGAL AFTER 1865 IN 1869)

The Occupied Republic of Texas has been illegally militarily occupied by the USA Corporation and their sub corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ for 158 years and counting. ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is not a legal government of the occupied Republic of Texas and NEVER has been. For any yankees claiming secession is “illegal”, they must […]

US debt surpasses $31 trillion

This is the USA/DC. Legal axiom: THE FRUIT OF THE POISON TREE IS POISON. This means one can not rape, rob, mass murder to take possession of land or property to which the criminal has no legal standing to own, and then magically, even with the passing of generations of possession, have their “claim” to […]

‘They need to be sent back to their home country’: Ron DeSantis tears into ‘illegal alien’ looters who should not be in the US ‘at all’ after they were arrested for ransacking homes devastated in Hurricane Ian–Bexar County sheriff F##K Texicans Salazar Wants to Interview the Criminal Illegal Invaders To See If DeSantis Violated Their “rights”

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis revealed how three of the looters were illegal immigrants ‘who should not be in the US at all’ ‘These are people that are foreigners, they’re illegally in our country, but not only that, they try to loot and ransack in the aftermath of a natural disaster,’ he said In a […]

DUI: Illegal Alien Was Out On Bond When He Fatally Struck Toddler In Texas-Bexar County sheriff F##K Texicans Salazar Worried Illegal Criminal Invader’s “rights” Were Violated

HOUSTON, TX – On Saturday, police arrested Rene Alfredo Alvarado-Lopez, 22, after arriving at an apartment complex, where witnesses were holding him after he reportedly ran over a 2-year-old boy. Alvarado-Lopez was driving a green Dodge Ram pickup truck through the parking lot of the apartment complex when he struck a child walking in the […]