Poland formally demands $1.2 trillion from Germany Warsaw wants Berlin to negotiate a “final settlement” on the consequences of Adolf Hitler’s aggression

If there were any real media left in the world Poland would have bull shit called on this.

Germany should be demanding reparations from the Poles for the Poles being useful idiots used by the Rothschild’s England to instigate the Rothschild’s preplanned WW 2.

The Rothschilds have controlled Britain since the battle of Waterloo.

They brag there are no wars allowed they do not want and instigate.

In the case of WW 2, the Rothschilds had their bitch England instigate the Poles to rape, rob, torture and mass murder ethnic Germans in areas stolen from Germany at the end of WW 1.

The Poles at the instigation of the English slaughtered 58,000 ethnic Germans while Hitler told them you know I can not stand by forever while you do this to my people.

The British “government owned and operated by the Rothschilds kept telling Poland not to worry, if Germany invades to stop you mass murdering Germans, we will defend you.

When Germany invaded to put a stop to the wholesale slaughter, France and England did not defend Poland, but did use the invasion to declare war on Germany which had been the purpose of the whole operation.

When the Soviet Union led by the mass murdering psychopath Khazarian Jew Joseph Stalin invaded Poland, France, England AND the USA said and did nothing.
Even after the red Russians marched between 20,000 or more surrendered Polish soldiers into a forrest and executed them.

No, France, England and the USA allied themselves with the red Russian Khazarian Jews who mass invaded Poland and mass murdered 20,000 or more surrendered Polish Soldiers.

That should tell you right there the defense of Poland was not why USA, England and France went to war against the Germans.

Poland were useful idiots getting WW 2 started, so if anyone should pay anyone reparations, Poland should pay the Germans.

England also instigated the start of WW 1 for the Rothschilds.

The Fake “royal” but Real Pedophile No Chin Charlie who is now “king” standing at attention while the head Rat pokes him in the chest and tells him whats up

Everything you have been taught about the causes of WW1 & WW2 and occupied Palestine is pure de BULLSHIT.

I will give tou a couple of links to sites with real history books avalible concerning this era.

David Irving, English writer who did the unpardonable sin of doing honest research and telling the truth of WW1 & WW2, so his books got banned everywhere.

You can order them here from his site.

Castle Hill Publishers, dealing mostly with the truth about the politically correct fiction of the holohoax.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Empty your skull of the politically correct pig shit you have had it filled with and put some truth into your mind.

Yes admitting you have believed bull shit as reality all your life is traumatic.
Dying in ignorance is worse!

The Ole Dog!

Poland formally demands $1.2 trillion from Germany
Warsaw wants Berlin to negotiate a “final settlement” on the consequences of Adolf Hitler’s aggression


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