Poland formally demands $1.2 trillion from Germany Warsaw wants Berlin to negotiate a “final settlement” on the consequences of Adolf Hitler’s aggression

If there were any real media left in the world Poland would have bull shit called on this. Germany should be demanding reparations from the Poles for the Poles being useful idiots used by the Rothschild’s England to instigate the Rothschild’s preplanned WW 2. The Rothschilds have controlled Britain since the battle of Waterloo. They […]

Texas human smuggling bust stops plane of illegal immigrants, including deported child sexual assault suspect- Bexar Country sheriff F##K Texicans Salazar VERY ANGRY the Child Raper Was Stopped From Raping More Texican Kids

A fly on the wall of a Mexican cafe reported he heard Bexar County sheriff F##K Texicans Salazar say, who gives a s#it if Texican children are raped by my criminal illegal invaders who hate Texicans, like I do! It takes me way too long to get my tacos, more illegal invaders are needed to […]

Investigation (Cover up of Killer Jabbed Mother’s Babies Deaths) into spikes in newborn baby deaths in Scotland

An investigation is to be carried out into the number of newborn baby deaths in Scotland. The Scottish government has ordered the review of neonatal death rates after two spikes over a six-month period. Both increases were larger than what would normally be expected. At least 18 babies under four weeks old died in March. […]