PfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Dying Every Single Week Due to COVID-19 Vaccination

The problem with sheep people or sheeple is they, well, think and act like sheep.
Herd animals, wanting to be and do whatever the herd is doing.

There are beings which walk among the sheep who are not, and never were sheep.
Some are benevolent and some are controlled by pure evil.

The benevolent ones have increasingly grown tired of the sheep helping the jackals persecute and murder them for trying to save the sheep from the sheep’s own sheepishness.

Most of the ones I know have just stepped back, are trying to blend into the background avoiding the sheeple as much as they can.

I would not even be doing these blogs except it is my duty, and God bitch slapped the hell out of me to make me stop doing a Jonah.

God told Jonah to warn the sheep of Nineveh to repent of their evil or be destroyed as a people.
Jonah had spent many years warning these people they were evil degenerates running off after the jackals promise of lots of perverted fun and an easy path, and the sheep of Nineveh had called him all sorts of names, persecuted him for trying to save them from themselves.

Jonah thought they should BURN!
Jonah WANTED to see them destroyed!
But in the end, God won.
God always does win.
Jonah did his duty and warned the sheep.

This is my 4th life in America.

My first life while I was trying to help the sheep at great hardship to myself, I took all kinds of s#it from the sheep and they even tried to kill me, several times.

My second life when I stood up against the evil, the sheep helped and allowed Washington DC to murder me.

My third life after I had spent it trying to help the Americans sheep, they helped and allowed Washington DC to murder me for trying to save the sheep from themselves and Washington DC.

This life I just tried to hide out in the crowd, I did a Jonah until God made it so rough on me I agreed to warn the American sheeple.

But I still believe the American sheeple have it coming and should BURN!

Your Empire is dying.

The blackmailed and bribed pedophiles and trannies you love to vote for and cheer have sold your asses out to the Ratschilds for 30 fiat shekels and being able to rape children whenever they get horney.

Even with all the American sheep had done to me, I warned your asses for what, two years now the killer jab was going to kill you.

It may shock your sheep asses I am not crying any tears for the millions of you dropping dead from the killer jabs while you will not even admit you F##Ked up and committed suicide by like sheep marching in lockstep to take your killer jabs, many going back for two, three, four extra killer jab doses.

The proof has been out there for months of the killer jabs mass murdering the sheep but the sheep refuse to look at the proof, while cursing those who do not want to commit mass suicide with them.

The sooner the stupid sheep who are helping the jackals murder them and turn their land into a 3ed world shit hole with a communist master die, the sooner the ones who refused the killer jabs, are tired of the evil from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, have a chance of repenting for pissing in God’s face, hanging the evil treasonous trash persecuting Americans, and getting America back on track to what it was meant to be.

a good land where one can raise a family where children and women can walk down a sidewalk without some pervert raping and murdering them.

So all you sheep loving Washington DC and the child raping degenerates selling America out for chump change, child sex, and a better brand of booze so they can stand to look in a mirror at their own evil asses without hurling or eating their own pistol, PLEASE go get two or three more boosters.

My heart is sad for the children who had no say in being killer jabbed however.
Those who killer jabbed the children, will answer for it of the other side.
Being stupid

is not a valid excuse for doing evil on the other side of the vail.

The Ole Dog!

PfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Dying Every Single Week Due to COVID-19 Vaccination

First published on August 16, 2022


You were instructed to stay at home to protect the healthcare system. But while you did so, hospitals essentially had a holiday, and this is backed up by official data. You were told the answer to everyone’s prayers was to get the Covid-19 injection. But now that you have done so, the healthcare system is on the brink of collapse.

Waiting times for ambulances are at an all-time high. The number of emergency calls due to people suffering cardiac arrest is at an all-time high. The number of people dying is at an all-time high, with hundreds of thousands of excess deaths occurring around the world every single week.

And official Government reports prove without a shadow of a doubt that it is all thanks to the Covid-19 vaccines.

Exhibit A: The Healthcare System is overwhelmed

Ambulances in England are taking almost an hour to reach patients who have had a suspected stroke or heart attack, more than three times the 18-minute maximum wait, the latest NHS data shows. When people call 999 they can no longer be confident that they will get the emergency care they need.


The following chart is taken from the UK Health Security Agency’s ‘Ambulance Syndromic Surveillance System – Week 30′ bulletin, and it shows the daily number of 999 calls requesting an ambulance due to suffering cardiac arrest in England vs the expected rate.

The daily number of calls has been way above average since at least August 2021.

The National Health Service (NHS) has also confirmed in response to a freedom of information request that ambulance call-outs relating to immediate care required for a debilitating condition affecting the heart nearly doubled in the whole of 2021 and are still on the rise further in 2022.

On the 25th April 2022, Duncan Husband sent a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust requesting to know the number of call-outs for patients with heart conditions per year, between 1st January 2017 and the present day.

The NHS responded on the 18th May with a spreadsheet containing the requested information.

The following chart visualised the data made available in the spreadsheet.


PfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Dying Every Single Week Due to COVID-19 Vaccination

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