The USA/DC Ratschild’s Soap Opera Is Just a Bad Joke


‘The USA/DC Ratschild’s Soap Opera Is Just a Bad Joke’

The USA/DC’s Ratschild’s soap opera is just a bad joke-
So don’t sweat it, lean back and take a big ole toke-

If the s#it coming out of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac was real-
It would indeed be a mind blowing hell of a deal-

But it is just a pretend production for the killer jabbed GMO grass munching sheep-
An illusion, a hallucination done in order to keep-

The sheep marching smartly, willingly through the slaughter house door-
Keep the sheep content and loving being raped up the A$$ by a Ratschild’s political whore-

So no biggie, everyone alive today will be dead in a hundred years-
No one left to remember their sheep stupidity or shed for them any tears!

The Ole Dog!

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