Non Semitic Khazarian’s Semitic Palestinian Holocausting blues


‘Non Semitic Khazarian’s Semitic Palestinian Holocausting Blues’

Non Semitic Khazarian’s Semitic Palestinian Holocausting blues-
Seems like thats all the red Russian Turkmen Khazarian reject outcaste want to dos-

They kidnap Semitic Palestinian children in the middle of the night-
Ritual rape, torture, beatings, dying in pain and fright-

Blood sacrifices to an evil, bloodthirsty pedophilic angry war “god”-
These Russian Expats, kicked out of their own homeland, denied their own sod-

Are stealing the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land-
Spreading through out the whole world raping all the children they can-

It is not a sin to rape non Khazarian, non End of Times Death Cult children you see-
Their Pedophilic “god” said that is why the non cult member “cattle” are there to be-

Sexual party favors at red Russian Khazaarian Black Magic rituals-
Their non cult blood to be drained as ingredient in black magic committals-

Anti-Semitic Khazarian cross breed cat house whores-
Hiding and eating the Semitic children bodies their mores-

It is past time to end their terror, the solution is long past due-
The centuries of their raped and murdered children victims are too-

Many to number, too extensive to list each by name-
Each and every one of the billions of children, who died in terror and pain-

So now their blood calls out for justice with interest due of the Anti-semitic Khazarian crew-
These pedophilic red Russian expat bastards and bitches, a Anti-Semitic witches brew!

The Ole Dog!

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