But Unlike The Sheep, I Died With My Testicles Hanging and Still Intact

The casterated Sheep bleat pitifully as their throats are cut-
They jumped through all demanded hoops and toed the line but-

It did not save them from the mass slaughters of the jackals plan-
I may have been assassinated, executed many times but I died a man-

I died by blade, poison, shot from hiding by cowards in the back-
Murdered again and again by demonic possessed jackals aided by sheep who lack-

Intelligence or intestinal fortitude, willing slaves to those who rape and slaughter their young-
Existing in fear, shaking in their wool, walking in herds blindly among-

The minions of the imps of hell, those who farm them like sheep-
Herd animals who spend their whole existence spiritually asleep-

Standing up against evil, serving God has caused my physical death as the jackals in anger react-
But unlike the sheep, I died with my testicles hanging and still intact!

The Ole Dog!

6 thoughts on “But Unlike The Sheep, I Died With My Testicles Hanging and Still Intact

  1. John I hope this is a sign of you moving from anti-life Christianity to life by the laws of nature, especially Odinism.

    Thanks for all your good work — all the better if those Christian references are now a thing of the past.

    Best wishes.

    • John Carleton says:

      There are many truths in the Roman bible.
      Also a lot of BS.
      In the Bible there is a great flood with few survivors who repopulate the earth.
      In Viking writings there is a great flood with one survivor who repopulates the earth.
      In the Bible you have a rooster crow three times.
      In Viking writings you have a rooster which crows three times.
      In the Bible you have a last battle between good and evil.
      In the Viking writings there is a last battle between good and evil.
      Most people do not realize this “last battle” is a spiritual battle between good and evil and not a physical tanks, horses and soldiers war.

      In different cultures the gods have different names but are the same gods.
      In every culture those with understanding know there is one Creator God.
      They also know that creator God is not a man like creature with a magic wand and ESP.

      Jesus the Christ taught reincarnation, “raising” Lazarus from the “dead” was an initiation into a mystery school, the same as is still practiced in mystery schools today.

      Jesus was married to Mary of Magdalene.
      He was called rabbi, by judaic law a rabbi had to be married and the Judians were anal retentive about the law.

      Jesus had a hell of a temper, he blew his top and beat the hell out of the charlatans, lawyers and usury bankers at the temple.
      Jesus said get yourself a sword.

      When one has understanding, they can read the Bible, know what is BS the little boy raping Roman priest inserted in or rewrote and what is truth.

      Jesus said destroy this temple and I will rebuild it in three days.
      This is used to say he came back to life in the same body three days later.
      The reason one does not find Viking temples and churches is the Viking understood their body was the temple of God.
      The number three means a woman love, or reincarnation.
      What Jesus said was kill me, and I will be back with the help of a woman’s love, I will reincarnate.

      Jesus never claimed to be equal to the Creator God, the little boy raping priest put those words in his mouth at the council of Nicaea in 0325 AD.

      Neither the Roman Bible or Viking writings say the world ends, but the era ends, from the trauma of the death of an era, a new better world will be born.

      I know the parts I have played in history, the places I have walked this rock.
      I get around, I have been a Babylonian, an Egyptian, a Macedonian, a Roman, a Hebrew, a Judian, a Viking, a Norman in France and the Isles, and this is my 4th life in America.
      My favorite time was the Viking periods as the Vikings understood their body to be the temple of the True creator God, the laws of Nature were God’s laws, the individual needed no one to intercede between them and God.
      As far why the Vikings coming out in 0700-0900 raiding Europe, it was a holy war.
      The Church of Rome sent little boy raping priest into their lands to tell them their God was not real, they had to worship the Vatican’s “god” and serve the Vatican.
      You will notice the Viking’s favorite places to attack was monasteries, churches and such.
      The Europeans served the Church of Rome and were used to persecute the Vikings, that made them fair game.

      • John your reply is very interesting and there is much in there that I could inquire about. However in brief, yes, jews stole from existing mythology to concoct the Bible. The original teachings of Odinism are far richer and they are uniquely suited to the European psyche. In contrast, Christianity is a jew-serving psychological weapon against White people.

        Also, research shows that Jesus never existed. This includes the research of British scholar Kenneth Humphreys (2004, Jesus never existed: Exposing the tragic fabrication of a saviour of the world). The myth of Jesus is based on that of Esus (Celtic: “Lord,” or “Master”), a powerful Celtic deity (Britannica, 2021). Both Esus and Jesus were carpenters, both were involved in human sacrifice on wood, and both were involved in stabbing (Jesus was supposedly stabbed while on the cross).

        Esus became Jesus for the purposes of Christianity. The New Testament was written to promote Christianity, not to document historical fact. The City Of Nazareth did not even exist during the purported life of Jesus (Renegade, 2020, The Hidden Truth About the Mythical Jesus Story — The Empty Cross).

        John in case you are interested, I wrote this post on the subject: Odinism and recovery from the Christian catastrophe. https://evolutionofconsciousness.health.blog/2021/03/14/odinism-and-recovery-from-the-christian-catastrophe/

        There is absolutely no possibility of the White race surviving this jew attack while afflicted by the mind-rot of jews’ Christianity. In one form or another, such as an evolved form of Odinism, survivors — if there are any — will again appreciate that we live / die by the laws of nature.

        • John Carleton says:

          As I said, lot of truth in the Roman bible if you know where to look.
          Also a lot of BS.

          The Romans crafted a slave religion which taught to pay your taxes and not fight back.

          Jesus did not exist as Jesus, but there was a Judian revolutionary on which the Romans based their fictional character Jesus.
          He never claimed to be God, he never claimed to be perfect.
          He was fighting the evil of the Judians who were serving a demonic “god” as Jews, at the same time he was trying to kick the Romans out.

          So no, the Jesus Character of the Roman slave religion, a perfect “man” claiming to be God named Jesus did not exist.

          Lucifer did exist.
          Just not the fictional character “Lucifer” in the Roman “bible’

          The Israelites were tribes, not a race just as Americans are not a race, Brits are not a race, Frogs are not a race.
          Jew is a member of the End of Times Death Cult some but not all the late period Judeans were members of.

          Today’s Jews are red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians who’s ancestors converted to the cult in the year 0740 AD in the Steppes of what is now Russia and Ukraine.

          Todays Jews, the Khazarians are split between communism and Zionism.
          They are being used as vessels for the demonic beings who do evil on this earth.
          When the Judeans were used up, the evil demonic beings threw the Judeans on the trash heap of history and infected the Khazarians.

          When the Khazarians are used up, the evil will infect some other people as it already did the Puritans in England who transferred it to America.

          The evil is a virus which can use any human sheep which allows itself to be possessed.

          As far the Vikings, my lines come from them and the Normons.
          I am descended from Ragnar, Rollo, Willian the Bastard.
          One of my lesser know Viking ancestors was known as the Skull Splitter.

          ‘Ode To Ragnar’

          I have stood on the fore of the ship with sword upraised in hand
          Until the Dragon bit the beach of many a foreign land

          Led men screaming towards city, village and town
          Sacked churches, laid many a captive maiden down

          Drank mead with my men, while the slain lay in silent death
          laughing at their women’s wailing breath

          Made the French King run, like a little lass
          Sanctuary in a women’s convent, to seek for his ass

          They cursed me in merry ole England, and civilized France
          As on their graves, I did merrily dance

          Shipwrecked, I fought with my back to the sea
          Until I was captured by King Aelle

          In the snakepit dying, I cursed him to his face
          Sang my death song, told him my sons would sack his race

          Neither of us knew our descendants blood would become one beast
          Giving birth to a race of Warrior Poet Kings and “Pagan” Priest

          The Ole Dog!

  2. Thanks John. Your well-informed reply is consistent with my comment. In the interests of clarity for the typical reader, I still think it best that references to Christianity do not happen again.

    On the topic of “past lives” or at least non-local access to knowledge of other people’s experiences during current or previous times, scientific discoveries about the nature of consciousness can explain that and much more.

    John I am pleased that you, I and gazillions of other truth-seekers are on the same wavelength. As most people lack the time to acquire the level of knowledge that people like you and I might take for granted, I think that in the interests of effective communication we should keep the “Jesus” stuff out of our battle to survive this jew attack.

    All the best John!

    • John Carleton says:

      One of my closest friends is of Khazarian ancestry, but he is not a Jew.
      He is an American, a Viet Nam vet.
      As dangerous to America as Jews are, the yankee puritans and “evangelical” Israhell firster “christians ae just as or more dangerous to freedom and honor.

      Jesus is the bastardized Europeanized name of the Revolutionary Judian warrior poet king who fought the Judain Jews.
      The Romans without his permission making him their make believe “god” does not diminish the honor he is due.

      The Nazi’s did not invent the swastika, it is an ancient good luck or spiritual sign.
      The Nazi’s using it did not make it evil.
      Of course the Nazi’s murdered less people than the red Russians, British and USA war criminals.
      The six point star is an ancient symbol for a man.
      The red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Rothschild’s zionist using it does not make it evil.

      The 5 point star is an ancient symbol for a women.
      That losers turn it upside down and try to use it as a symbol of revolting against Nature and God does not make it evil.

      The Romans using the Europeanized Jesus name of the Judian spiritual leader warrior poet king who fought the now defunct Julian Jew Cult does not diminish the honor due him.

      Some folks get hung up on minor details so as they can not see the whole picture.
      Sorta like folks who can not see the forrest for the trees.

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