At Dreamforce in San Francisco, SPAWN OF A yankee CARPETBAGGER BITCH GRAB AMERICANS GUNS ANTI-AMERICAN Matthew McConaughey says presidential run may be ‘inevitable’


I thought the USA corporation located in Sopdom & Gomorrah on the Potomac had hit rock bottom with the yankee Pedos the Bad Bushes

the Arkansas white trash child rape artist bill walking dick Clinton

the illegal Kenyan rope chewing alien the Obombister

Trickster Trumpster,

Hands all over little girls Biden

and Legs straight up in the air Harris who used her female plumbing to get where she is,

but I guess not.

Matthew McConaughey is the spawn of a yankee carpet bagger bitch which makes him a yankee carpetbagger hatched on Texas soil, not a Texican.

Perhaps the yankee gun grabber should take as his running mate the gold digging bitch with chronic PMS married to Big Pie Hole Harry.

I betcha my cousin George Washington and my several great-grandfather types who were his winter soldiers are just so damn proud of what the American sheep have done with the country!

The Ole Dog!

Actor Matthew McConaughey, who has publicly considered running for governor of Texas, told attendees at San Francisco’s Dreamforce conference that it may be inevitable he runs for president sometime in the future.

Dreamforce is corporate tech giant Salesforce’s annual convention featuring a slew of celebrity speakers and performers. McConaughey spoke to Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff, a close friend, about his activism, the Uvalde school shooting and his political beliefs in a packed room at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater on Tuesday afternoon.

When Benioff asked McConaughey about the 2024 presidential election, the actor did not make any definitive statements on that cycle specifically, but teased his presidential aspirations more broadly.

“Yeah I’ll consider it in the future, I’d be arrogant not to, absolutely I would consider it,” McConaughey said. “If I got into any form of politics I’d be remiss not to also go in as an artist and a storyteller; help put a narrative together. You’re the CEO of a state and a nation, a lot of compartmentalization and choices to be made. They scare me but I’m not afraid of ’em.”


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