‘Looks like Godzilla to me!’ Horrified mom spots Reincarnation Of British LIZARD queen crawling up window at son’s Florida home

A mother visiting her son in Florida recently had a scary run in with someone attempting to break into her son’s home. That someone? A giant lizard.

Jocelyn Person was at her son’s house in Apopka, Florida when she noticed the creature, which she identifies as a monitor lizard, attempting to climb up a window pane. The exact variety of the animal filmed remains unclear, with Fox News claiming the creature was a Savannah monitor.

Throughout the 40 second video, viewers can see the lizard attempt to climb the screen of the window from multiple angles, and even walk across the window’s ledge.

And those with a phobia of reptiles are unlikely to be charmed by the sight of the creature regularly flicking its forked tongue while trying to gain entry to the property.

‘Look at what came to pay him a visit today! It’s a Tegu lizard! Looks like Godzilla to me’ the mother wrote in the caption for the video. ‘Needless to say I won’t be visiting him any time soon! And it’s on the front porch!’


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