Destruction and Reconstruction-General Richard Taylor, Son of American President General Zachary Taylor’s Recollections on the yankee’s Illegal War & Aftermath

He was my cousin.
So were general Robert E Lee, General Stonewall Jackson, General James Longstreet.

So was General George Washington, who’s great aunt Anne Washington was one of my great great type grandmothers.

So was general Andrew Jackson.

So is General George S. Patton who was a 1st cousin to Washington while I am a 2nd cousin.

So was General Douglas MacArthur.
General Patton admired MacArthur’s personal courage but not necessarily his tactics and politics.

If Mac had had his ass in the grass with the troops in Korea instead of surrounding himself with yes “men” officers in Japan where he was frolicking with geisha girls, he would have listened to his officers in combat when they warned against getting closer to the Chinese border as they suspected China entering into the war if US troops got too close.

Thats exactly what happened and the Chinese kicked the US’s ass all the way to the 38th parallel as a result.

Lot of good men died because Mac did not lead from the front as a real general should.

We all share as great grandfather types Alexander the great, Julius Caesar, William the Conquerer, Henry the 2nd, and Edward the 1st.

You can see where the general genes came from.

They offered me West Point when I graduated High school but I declined as my Viet Nam Brother and many other Vets had recounted to me how West Point indoctrinated “officers” got good men killed standing there screaming orders straight out of text books which were useless in real life while their men paid the price.

Did mine enlisted this time.

If you want to dispel some of the lies they taught you about the illegal yankee war of 1861-1865, this is a good book to read some truth in.

‘Destruction and Reconstruction’

“Richard Taylor was born to one of America’s most prominent military families. His grandfather, Richard Lee Taylor, had served in the American Revolution, while his father, Zachary Taylor, rode military fame all the way to the White House in 1840. During the Mexican-American War, Taylor was a military secretary for his famous father. When the Civil War broke out, Taylor began quickly rising through the ranks, leading a regiment at the Battle of First Bull Run. Taylor had all the right connections, but he was a skilled leader, quickly becoming a brigadier general under Stonewall Jackson, serving during the renowned Shenandoah Valley Campaign in 1862. Taylor became major general and was sent to Louisiana, partly because his arthritis had left him disabled during the Seven Days Battles during the Peninsula Campaign in the summer of 1862. Taylor struggled with inadequate troops and supplies out west for the rest of the year, but he performed admirably enough to be promoted to Lieutenant General before the end of the war. Nathan Bedford Forrest noted that Taylor was “the biggest man in the lot. If we’d had more like him, we would have licked the Yankees long ago.” After the war, Taylor authored Destruction and Reconstruction, considered one of the most credible memoirs written by a Civil War veteran. Taylor focuses on the Confederacy’s grand war strategy, casting a critical eye. He was an unreconstructed rebel during Reconstruction, so the memoirs finish by discussing Reconstruction politics.”

I pride myself in telling the truth, and sometimes an omission is the same as a lie, so I am going to own up to something which shames me.

Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan were also cousins.

But then I have siblings I will have nothing to do with as I do not approve of their ways.

The Ole Dog!

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