‘Looks like Godzilla to me!’ Horrified mom spots Reincarnation Of British LIZARD queen crawling up window at son’s Florida home

A mother visiting her son in Florida recently had a scary run in with someone attempting to break into her son’s home. That someone? A giant lizard. Jocelyn Person was at her son’s house in Apopka, Florida when she noticed the creature, which she identifies as a monitor lizard, attempting to climb up a window […]

Destruction and Reconstruction-General Richard Taylor, Son of American President General Zachary Taylor’s Recollections on the yankee’s Illegal War & Aftermath

He was my cousin. So were general Robert E Lee, General Stonewall Jackson, General James Longstreet. So was General George Washington, who’s great aunt Anne Washington was one of my great great type grandmothers. So was general Andrew Jackson. So is General George S. Patton who was a 1st cousin to Washington while I am […]

The yankees Did Not Gang Rape Southern Children & Pregnant Women To Death To End Slavery, But To Force The South Into The Marxist Empire The Rabidly Racist Against Blacks Closet Homosexual Atheist Lincoln Was Building

After over a century and a half of rehabilitating Lincoln’s image with bald faced lies, he almost seems human, not the Marxist closet homosexual atheist who used religious rhetoric to get Americans to kill each other so he could build a communist empire thinly disguised as constitutional republic. He was despised by the majority of […]

Demophile Bexar County “sheriff” Javier F##K Texicans Salazar Says Texicans Just Need To Get Used To Illegal Invaders Raping Their Children & Wives Cause San Antonio Mexican Cafes Need Cheap Labor

Bexar County “sheriff” Javier F##K Texicans Salazar said Texicans just need to get used to being crime victims in their own land because he will do his best to see the illegal invasion of the Occupied Republic of Texas by 3ed world Texican hating illegal criminal invaders is not stopped. Forgetting he was elected to […]

When Champions of Covid Tyranny Admit They Were WRONG, What Should We Do?-Hang Them of course!!!

After a Fair Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Trial of course. I mean when a mass murderer murders millions of humans, whether that mass murder was done with knifes, government assault weapons, poison, motor vehicles or a loaded syringe is of no consequences. If some homicidal maniac takes a US government M-16 and mass murders a […]