USA Helped Rothschild’s Make Sure the CCP Control’s a Land Mass Larger than the USA, But If The CCP Take One More Tiny Island the USA Wants World War

OSS is now called the CIA

Hands all over little girls Biden issued a surprisingly blunt response when asked in a CBS “60 Minutes” interview what the US reaction would be if China decided to invade Taiwan.

Hands all over little girls Biden answered “yes” when asked whether American forces would defend the self-ruled island if it came under Chinese military invasion. “Yes, if, in fact, there was an unprecedented attack,” he said in a sit-down with Scott Pelley, which aired in full Sunday night.

Why is it I smell rancid pig a#it?

And why do I suspect no Rothschilds or USA political whores kids will do any of the fighting and dying???

Cousin George says:

The Ole Dog!

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