Things We Should Teach Children (and sheep) About The Constitution

The constitution was a flawed document to begin with.

It was a compromise between three factions.

Those who wanted an empire which means stealing the Americans newly won freedom back from them.

Those who did not really like it but tried to protect the rights of Americans as best they could by the way it was worded.

And those who would have nothing to do with the process like Patrick Henry

when asked why he would not serve in the Constitutional Convention said because he “Smelled a rat”.

In the end, those who could not stop the process demanded as a safeguard against abuses of the document they knew were coming, the addition of the Bill Of Rights.

Many of the constitutional crowd screamed, waved their hands, gave speeches, fought the guarantee of Rights of Americans tooth and nail.

In the end as with all compromises where all sides do not get all they want, the empire builders accepted the insertion of the Bill of Rights in order to get the constitution ratified.

It is NOT a sacred document and God DID NOT hand it down word for word.
It was a contract.
As such it was fraudulent from the first.

Only the wet ink signers of a contract are bound by the terms, and a contract dies with the signers.
The dead can not force their contract on the living.

Thomas Jefferson:

said a constitution which is a contract is dead, NULL AND VOID after 19 years as each new generation has the God Given Right to form their own contract or form of governance to live under.

The constitution went into effect in 1789.
1789 + 19 = 1808.
Thus the constitution became NULL and Void in 1809.
But criminal politicians kept forcing it on a new generation who should have been able to form a better way of governing themselves.

James Madison came right out and said the voter is a dumb ass who is too stupid to know whats best for them so real smart people like him, removed to a safe location from the voters reach or influence like Washington DC should decide what rules the voter must follow.
Or Else!

So the constitution should have been thrown out in 1809.
It damn sure as a contract has been dead from when all the signers were dead.

It was in FACT dead when the closet homosexual atheist shyster rail road lawyer war criminal Lincoln

killed what was left of the Revolutionaries Volunteer Union replacing it with a Soviet styled, Marxist, (communist in today’s English) Mandatory Military Dictatorship thinly disguised a s a constitutional republic.

If the constitution, which was null and void in 1808 anyway, had meant anything, then the war criminal Lincoln and the European Marxist he surrounded himself with would have been fettered by the words of the constitution and kept from illegally waging war on the Southern Countries which had legally, voluntarily left the volunteer union they voluntarily joined.

If the ‘guarantees” of rights and protection of the constitution had meant a damn thing, US “soldiers” would not have lined up to gang rape little children, their pregnant mothers, ministers daughters, Black and White, often till death.

If the constitution had meant anything, the USA/Washington DC would not have been allowed to dig up the dead to rob, steal everything, shoot livestock, burn crops, burn court houses, church houses, out houses, farm houses, often with grandma & grandpa still inside.

If the constitution had meant anything, when the invading war criminal US “soldiers” were burning down that church personage and the minister came out into the freezing night air with his eight year old son wrapped in a blanket, this would not have been allowed:

The invading war criminal “officer” directing the criminal arson grabbed the blanket from the boy to throw back into the burning home.

No said the minister, the boy is sick!

The brave yankee “freedom fighter” snarled, One more damn word and I will throw the little bastard in the fire after it!

If the constitution meant a damn thing, the yankee would not have been allowed to subjugate the peoples of the south with terrorism, put in place occupation “state” “governments” which are still in place and forcing yankee “law” on the occupied peoples of the South 158 years later.

To make matters worse, the evil immoral yankee allowed themselves to be bribed and blackmailed until Washington DC is run by a foreign power which hates America and has sworn to destroy America.


‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is an occupation corporation “government” put in place illegally by the yankee, now operated to keep Texicans slaves by the Khazarian Mafia

illegally occupying Palestine which is owned and operated by this deviant International mass murderer, thief, pedophile and war criminal.

One last thing.

The Ole Texican Dog!

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