London Silver LBMA Vaults Bleeding Physical Silver

First, I have noticed Zero Hedge as a site “archives” their articles after a while and seems only then to be available to people who subscribe (pay $$$) to their site.
Seeing many lead in to articles I have reposted of theirs over the years now behind a pay us to view firewall.

By the time they do it to this one, I believe it will be irrelevant anyway as the game of musical metals chairs, the music will have already stopped.
Those who understood the world will already have their gold and silver, and the herd of sheep, (masses of humanity) who do not already have metal, will be mutton hanging on the meat rack.

I am a Connoisseur of History.
I also am one of the ones who knows who they have been, what roles they played in past lives.
There have been many collapses of empires, kingdoms which I have lived through.

It is said history does not repeat itself, but it damn sure rhymes.

Each time is a bit different, but the reasons for the collapse and the path to the collapse are very close.

While still in high school forty plus years back I was telling anyone who would listen if the whores in DC did not stop borrowing and spending like a drunken sailor with a handful of credit cards in a titty bar, the country would collapse.
Either they whores of Dc would be forced to outright default on the massive debts which could never be repaid which would Destroy the middle class which any person with understanding knows to be the backbone of any society, or they would have to hyper inflate the currency which is just a default in drag, and the middle class will be destroyed.

Folks told me I was crazy as the whores in DC promised them the road went bon forever and the party never ends.

Well, look around you.

Most humans are sheep, herd animals.

They do not want to hear anything which might cause them fear, distress or cause them to think about leaving the illusion of the safety of the herd.

When it becomes apparent to the smarter of the sheep the whores of DC are Judas goats leading them through the slaughterhouse doors, realize the two uses left for US currency is to start fires and wipe one’s behind after pooping, there will be a run on available physical gold and silver.

The herd will make a run, driving up the price which is being artificially suppressed with sales of worthless gold and silver paper certificates to hide the inflation of the Fiat currency and will start climbing on it’s own soon as the paper gold and silver scam falls apart.

They will wipe out the available physical bullion then turn to buying jewelry, wipe that out.
Remember they are herd animals, once it gets through their skulls the paper currency is fast becoming worthless, they need physical gold and silver, they will be like barracudas tearing into a ball of bait fish.

Soon the bait ball will be eaten up, just bits and pieces of bait fish slowly drifting downwards.

The amount of physical silver in the world, versus the amount of gold has always seen much less silver available than gold.

I believe from a lifetime of listening and watching, there is much more gold in the world than the government whores, usury bankers tell you there is so they can keep the price higher than it would be if everyone knows how much is available.

Gold makes pretty jewelry and does not tarnish, but silver is a much needed metal in manufacturing.
It is my thoughts I would rather buy silver than gold.

Just my opinion, and like an ass hole, everyone has one.
But I am not a sheep, never have been.

When the collapse happens the price of most things will go sky high, except sex.
The hungry sheep without gold and silver will be selling cheap.
Supply and demand dictates when there is an oversupply of a commodity it drives the price down
Selling themselves for sex will be the only thing most sheep will have to bargain with.

I would trade hyper inflating Fiat “dollars” for physical metal now before it is too late.
Unless you just enjoy standing on street corners.

The Ole Dog!

London Silver Inventories Continue To Plummet As Metal Exits LBMA Vaults

There is an unprecedented situation emerging in London, where the relentless hemorrhaging of one of the world’s largest stockpiles of silver is now well and truly under way.

For the last 9 months, this stockpile of silver, held in the LBMA vaults in London, has been consistently falling each and every month, and has now reached an all time low (since vault holdings records began in July 2016).

These vaults comprise the precious metals storage facilities in and around London run by the bullion banks JP Morgan, HSBC and ICBC Standard Bank, as well as the London vaults of three security operators, namely Brinks, Malca-Amit and Loomis. Since the system of vaults is administered and coordinated by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), these vaults are collectively known as the ‘LBMA vaults’.

Back in July this year, BullionStar highlighted this developing trend in the article titled “LBMA Silver Inventories fall to a near 6 Year Low below 1 billion ounces”.

That article covered the vault data up to the end of June 2022, where the London silver holdings had reached the dubious milestone of having dropped below the 1 billion ounce level, specifically falling to 997.4 million ozs (31,022 tonnes).

London sub-Billion Market Association (LBMA)

Since then, however, the situation has only worsened. Latest data for July and August show that the downward trend is still very much intact. During July 2022, London silver inventories fell by another 4.66% month-on-month, with the vaults seeing an outflow of 46.5 million ozs of silver (1447 tonnes). This brought total LBMA London silver holdings down to 950.9 million ozs (29,576 tonnes), and a new all time low since records began. (Note the lowest previous low had been 951.4 million ozs at the end of July 2016).

Now that August 2022 vault data has been released (LBMA release vault data by the 5th business day of a new month), we can see that August saw no reprieve, because in August the London silver holdings fell by another 3.62% month-on-month, with the vaults seeing an outflow of 34.4 million ozs of silver (1070 tonnes). This brings the LBMA silver vault inventories down to 916.5 million ozs (28,506 tonnes).

In other words, during these two months of July and August 2022, the LBMA vaults have lost another 2517 tonnes of silver.


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