Legs Straight Up In The Air Harris Says “border is secure” As 500 Invaders Sneak Into Texas At One Crossing Point In One Night

Legs straight up in the air under married politicians 40 years older than her Harris said “the border is secure”.

She must have meant the border of her Depends undergarments as even a low IQed floozy should understand when 500 illegal criminal invaders can march calmly over the Mexico-Texas border in one place in one night, the damn Texas border with Mexico is damn well not secured,

Eerie night vision footage shows more than 500 people marching into Texas over one night –

while 2,500 miles away yankees in Martha’s Vineyard extracted the contents of their colons into their Fruit of the Looms over just 50 illegal criminal invaders forwarded with love by Florida’s governor DeSantis.

Maybe Legs Harris meant the Martha’s Vineyard Border is secured

as in Massass as when the Florida governor shipped 50 illegal invaders lured to Florida by the yankees to yankeeland’s Martha’s Vineyard Island playground of the very corrupt, hypocritical and rich, the residents s#it their unmentionables, said nasty dirty things about DeSantis, locked their doors, grabbed their pistols they say no one else should be allowed to have and called the National guard out.

Over 50 illegal criminal invaders the Massass National Guard was called out to secure the border of Martha’s Vineyard.

The video showed sprawling lines of people asembling in Old Mexico before slowly making their way into Eagle Pass, occupied Republic of Texas.

The three groups were spotted marching over rough terrain while being herded by a lesser number of guides.

The footage is the latest damning indictment against the Biden administration’s failed attempts to crack down.
It also makes a baboon of Kamala Harris,

who earlier this week claimed in an interview the border was secure.

This makes a joke (a bad one) of Legs straight in the air Harris, who earlier this week claimed in a TV interview the border was ‘secure’ and tried to blame Donald Trump’s administration for the crisis.

One has to wonder if ole Legs straight up in the air Harris is really that stupid or just a damn liar?

The Ole Texican Dog!

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