Gavin Newsom From People’s Soviet “Republic” of Kalifornia de Mexico Challenges Ron dump em in Martha’s Vineyard DeSantis To Debate On Communist National Network

The Communist “leader of the Soviet Socialist S#it hole of Kalifornia de Mexico who’s policies have led to a steady stream of outbound U-Haul trucks and trailers wants to debate Ron dump em in Martha’s Vineyard DeSantis, Guvnor of the booming country of Florida on the Communist National Network (CNN). “Hey GovRonDeSantis, clearly you’re struggling, […]

AOC Claims Criminal Illegal Invaders Who Rape Children, Steal, Rob, Carjack, Murder While demanding “Free” Everything Are A “Blessing”

The bug eyed bimbo AOC brow beats Americans who do not want their country over run with the criminal gentuza from 3ed world countries who have no wish to assimilate into American society. The pimped out political prostitute said: “Many of us understand that immigrants and refugees are a blessing. They have so much to […]

Legs Straight Up In The Air Harris Says “border is secure” As 500 Invaders Sneak Into Texas At One Crossing Point In One Night

Legs straight up in the air under married politicians 40 years older than her Harris said “the border is secure”. She must have meant the border of her Depends undergarments as even a low IQed floozy should understand when 500 illegal criminal invaders can march calmly over the Mexico-Texas border in one place in one […]