A Crash Course In 9/11 Truth — Seven Documentaries You Need To See

A collection of thoroughly researched documentaries from numerous reputable independent researchers concisely refuting the official narrative of the attack on the World Trade Center Contrary to the misconceptions deliberately popularized by so called debunkers, aided by disinformation disseminated from the federal government and corporate media, the 9/11 truth movement was and always has been a […]

Witch Burning yankee Hypocrites Which Embrace ALL Illegal Invaders as Long As They Are In Texas or Florida, Busses Them Off Island For Rich yankees

When the Florida governor shipped 50 illegal invaders lured to Florida by the yankees to yankeeland’s Martha’s Vineyard Island playground of the very rich, the residents s#it their unmentionables, said nasty dirty things about DeSantis, locked their doors, grabbed their pistols they say no one else should be allowed to have and called the National […]

New York City ‘Nearing Its Breaking Point’ With Influx Of Illegal yankee Immigrants From Massachusetts: Mayor

The good Dutch Settlers of New York are fearful if the puritan yankee witch burning scum which breed like rabbits from Massachusetts do not stop illegally sneaking over the border and invading New York, in the future New York will become a yankee s#it hole just like Massachusetts. The good dutch setters explain the immoral […]

Florida Mourns Death of Killer Jabbed 17 year old Who Dropped Dead From “Unknown Reasons”

Florida teenager athlete and honor student. High school senior Tyler Erickson dropped dead. He dropped dead “suddenly” from being Killer Jabbed Monday night while out practicing for an upcoming golf tournament. Everyone is “baffled” what could cause a young other than being Killer Jabbed athletic in shape boy just “suddenly” fall over dead? Those pushing […]

Hands Biden’s Minions Caterwauling About Shipping Illegal Invader Criminals From Long Suffering South To Rich yankee Neighhoods Who Support The Illegal Invasion of the South

Shipping illegal criminal invaders USA/Washington DC is trying to overrun the Southern peoples with into Democrat-run cities that do not enforce immigration law is “just disrespectful to humanity,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared on Thursday. Hey bitch! They wanted them in the country, they should welcome them into their homes. Then rich ass […]