Ilegal Mexican Criminals Protected by USA/Washington DC Which Are Invading the Occupied Republic of Texas Are Killing Pets, Raping Children & Women,-prompting residents to buy more guns to defend themselves

The USA International corporation Masquerading as a “government”, forces the occupied countries called states to steal funds from the legal working class persons living on the face of the Land, give free schooling, free medical, free housing, free food, free cash to the illegal criminal invaders the USA/DC corporation lures over here with promises of […]

2 Russian Aircraft Fly in International Waters, USA and their red Journalism Whores Try To Fool Americans Into Thinking Russia Is Trying To Start a War With US

Alaskan and Canadian Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ) Basically an area of international waters the USA has no right or authority over, but decided to just “give” itself authority to screw with aircraft of other nations over international waters. As the below statement tells you, while the US claims the right to Jack with other […]

Al Qaeda releases book detailing 9/11 planning on anniversary of terror attacks and Other Fairytales

21 years ago the Rothschilds Israhell With help from the USA/DC Holocausted 3,000 Americans in a False flag attack in New York on 11 September 2001 Too many people are pulling their indoctrinated heads out of their asses and smelling the real bullshit of the USA’s “Official” Fairytale of 9-11. So the Rothschild’s are having […]


I have always read. When I was still in Jr. high, the administration realizing I had read everything relevant in the Jr. high library gave me permission to move on to the high school library. While in high school each morning I would go to the library and read all new magazines and newspapers for […]