Brits Do Love Their Slavery-Woman arrested after holding ‘abolish monarchy’ sign in Edinburgh

A woman was arrested holding an anti-monarchy sign in Edinburgh today, before the Queen’s cortege arrived in the city. She was detained outside St Giles’ Cathedral, where the monarch’s coffin is due to be held from tomorrow after spending the night at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Moments before the proclamation of Charles III as new […]

Ole German Commoner Cow Remains a Fraud Even After Assuming Room Temperature and Becoming Food For The Worms

Edward the 4th & Richard the 3ed were both Bastards sired by Commoners. This broke the Royal Plantagenet Bloodline. Every English or “British’ “monarch”, “king”, queen”, “prince” or Princess” from that time forward have been FAKES, commoner imposters. Here we have an evil German cow with a flag on her box with the Lion of […]