Allow Me To Explain Royalty To You

Different culture use different names for the gods. Do not confuse the One Creator God with the gods. Lucifer (not the fictional character from the Roman slave religion bible cobbled together by little boy raping priest) was made king of this rock. He tried to help the “human” animals by giving them knowledge. Lucifer is […]

Kate in Mourning: Duchess hides her emotions behind sunglasses as she leaves Windsor Castle after the death of the Queen

An unnamed source said she was heard to mutter- DAMN IT! The bald headed coot I been sleeping with promised me his pedophile pappy would advocate and I would be Fake queenie of this tiny little island for Fake “royals”, pretenders, losers, misfits and pedophiles! Keep a stiff upper lip Katy. The pedo No Chin […]

BBC (British Bull S#it Company) Run By Baby Rapers Attack The Fake “royals” Because They Do Not Rape Babies of Color

‘Fake DEAD and in Hell queenie of England and the Missing Children’ The British Bull Shit Company is raising hell the now dead Fake queenie was not “diverse”, too “white” and not diverse enough. “BBC Radio 4 whined that the monarchy was “at odds with diversity” and an example of “white inherited privilege” following […]