A Moonlight Walk With Ghost Of Killer Jabbed Sheep

‘A Moonlight Walk With Ghost Of Killer Jabbed Sheep’

I went for a walk neath the full moon last night-
What I saw was certainly an illuminating yet sad sight-
To one used to dead’s undead spirits it was not really a fright-
What I saw marching neath the moon’s soft flickering light-
Millions of ghost of killer jabbed sheep who wished they might-
Have the chance to rethink taking the elites Killer Jab which brought death’s bite-
They each seemed unhappy, angry, vengeful, miserable and very uptight-
They allowed themselves to be so easily manipulated like in the wind a small kite-
That they believed the political whores who then stepped on them like a crawling mite-
In an endless columns stretching as far as the eye could see packed together tight-
Screaming and moaning in unison, hang the evil bastards, this is not right!-
Political whores, Popes, preachers, priest, MSM minions, lying doctors, a blight-
Oh if only we dead sheep people could have a chance to live again we would take delight-
Putting a rope around the necks of the killer jabber sons of bitches to quite-
Their lies they told to get us to commit suicide, the filthy bull shit they did recite-
We would chain them to a pole, pack wood around them which we would happily ignite-
They marched on an endless pitiful mass of regret filled damned souls now wise in hindsight
Easily manipulated and murdered poltergeist by a bunch of killer jabber parasite!

The Ole Dog!

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