Not Dead Yet? Get Your “Free” mRNA Killer Jab “Flu” Shot

The only TV I watch is when I have gone to bed and want to go to sleep.
Then if there is a nature show on thats my top pick.
I NEVER watch TV “news”.

MSM is all owned by the usual suspects.
All MSM is an indoctrination with dangerous bull s#it platform.

But every time I turn on the boob tube at bedtime, there is a heavy push from “commercials” to get your “free” “flu” jab.

I have read articles from as far back as 2017 discussing mRNA killer jabs.
When the mythical “SARS-COV-02” “virus” which has never been scientifically proved to exist and the CDC can not produce a verified isolated reproducible stand alone sample of “appeared”, within a couple of months Killer Jab mRNA jabs magically appeared.

Takes years to concoct a vaccine, but this one which is not a vaccine could magically be done in mere months.
Does the phrase premeditated murder mean anything to you?

The same bunch have been writing articles saying mRNA “technology” was going to be used in “flu” jabs.

The usual suspects are now pushing “free” “flu” jabs you can bet your ass and your family jewels which has the same mRNA assisted suicide witch’s brew voodoo kill concoction in it as the now proved to have murdered millions with many millions more having all kinds of side effects before they die down the road.

They are offering mRNA killer jab flu shots to six month old babies up “Free”.

They told you there was a Scamdemic.

They told you the Killer Jabs was a “vaccine”

They told you The Killer Jabs were safe.

The told you useless dust mask would stop the “virus”.

They told you communist lockdowns would stop the “virus”.

They now have been forced to admit they were either lying their asses off or wrong about everything.

One or the other.

Now the same mass murdering lying or just stupid and wrong about everything are telling you you need to take an mRNA killer jab “flu” shot.

Natural selection;

The theory the smarter individuals in a species will survive when the dumber ones die in a crisis.

If one has an irresistible urge to commit suicide with a shot, may I suggest this one.

Except for the ones fall down kicking as soon as they take the jab, this shot is faster, less painful, and don’t leave you family bankrupted from all the medical and massive hospital bills before you die.

The Ole Dog!

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