I am Sick of the Big Lie, I am Sick of Liars, I am Sick of the Sheep Who Love The Lie Because the Truth Frightens the Sheep S#it Out Of Em

Living life based on lies is the coward’s path.
Sheep are cowards who run in herds.

God can not send me to hell.
I walk among lying jackals and bleating sheep.

Time was I walked this rock like a lion.
The lion is King.
But he has to constantly be fighting to keep the jackals in line

and the sheep from s#itting all over his territory.

I found I prefer being a wolf more.
For a time I had to keep the pack in line, save them from the dangers of some young wolf that thought he knew more than he did, wanted to lead the pack and would put the whole pack in danger with his lack of understanding and rashness of youth.
The leader of the pack has to constantly be watching out for their safety, making sure they eat, finding a place they can rest in safety.

Comes the time when the wise ole wolf tells the pack to piss off, lets that damn young wolf have the pack, heads for the high country alone.
Slips through the forest without the yelping and howling of the pack to give him away.
Kills only in self defense or to eat.

He embraces the truth of reality.
He learns the peace of solitude.
He takes time to commune with nature.
He learns to hate the lie.

One day when the wolf has learned all this world of sheep and jackals has to teach him, Odin will allow his ÚLFHÉÐNAR to leave the lying scum of this world behind, run swiftly home across that rainbow bridge to Valhalla.

Then hell will be behind me.

The Ole Dog!

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