Hands Biden Flip Flops on Calling Any American Who Did Not Vote For Him a Terrorist-Satire

After catching hell for making a televised speech claiming any American who voted for anyone but him, or disagrees with any of his Communistic Anti-American policies ia a domestic terrorist, Hands all over little girls Biden is saying what he said is not what he meant.

An unnamed source alleged to have heard Hands mumbling, How can anyone hold me to anything I say.
I can not even remember who I am, where I am, much less what I said five minuets ago.
Hell, I can not even remember which little girls in a crowd I have already felt up!

It is alleged the Secret Service had to forcible take the “Nuclear Football” weapons launcher from him as he was getting ready to nuke Germany, England and Mexico thinking he was playing a video game.

It is further alleged when asked why he talked s#it about Trump in his speech he asked, What speech and who is Trump!

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