Former top Dick Sucking “general” in the Middle East says Biden told that Afghanistan would fall if U.S. pulled out

Damn shame the only things they teach well at West Point is fudge packing and saying yes while sucking dick and committing treason for shekels.

If America had had any real generals when Bush the village idiot had conspired with Israel to holocaust 3,000 Americans in one day, the generals would have taken their troops, circled DC, marched inward netting all the treasonous bastards

Held Military Tribunals, hanged the guilty bastards and cunts from a scaffold built on the White House front lawn.

failing that they should have had enough sense to know Afghanistan is called the Grave Yard of Empires for a damn good reason.

Not excusing the Obombister,

Trickster Trummpster

or Hands Biden.

They all were and are aware Israel and USA/DC

did 9-11 making every war the USA has done to innocent countries which had nothing to do with 9-11, war crimes by DC whores and treasonous Israel Firster politicians.

US should never have attacked, invaded or occupied Afghanistan in the first place.

Damn shame the USA murdered the last real general America had

because he was trying to stop the pre-planed Rothschild’s Cold War and stop Rothschild’s red Russian Khazarian Communism/zionism

from completely taking over DC as it has.

The Ole Dog!

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