Hunter Biden Must Be Sharing His Crack Cocaine With yankees in The Communist Country of Ohio

Girl living in Ohio, (first mistake) breaks up with a guy a year and a half back.
One day out of the blue he leaves her a voice mail message.

No one has disclosed what the message said, perhaps something like I am going to break your door in rape and kill your ass?

The next day he shows up looking like he has been smoking some of Hunter Biden’s crack cocaine, try to let himself into a home he was not invited into.
When he finds the door locked, he starts trying to break the door down even while the girl’s father warns him to stop and he the father has a firearm.

Finally he breaks the door in, the father protecting his home and family from a criminal who was probably criminally insane from smoking some of Hunter Biden’s crack cocaine, shoots his ass in a God Given Right of Self Defense and Defense of loved ones and one’s home.

A stupid dumb ass living next door thinks it is just fine for a crack crazed criminal to break peoples doors down come in and murder one’s daughter as long as one is not armed with a “gun”.

The criminals’s sister said;

“His sister, Jessica Marie Colbert, says that her brother had no malice intended that day and should not have been killed.”

Ya mean like breaking their door down so he could force his way in, rape and kill the mans daughter as well as probably kill everyone else in the home?

What a dumb ass yankee bitch!

Thank God I have NO yankee blood in my body.
My wife’s father was from Kentucky so at first I though I was sleeping with the enemy, but then I found out her great grandfather was a Confederate soldier who shot child gang raping till death yankee soldiers.

That was a relief to know I was not passing tainted bloodlines to my children.

The Ole Dog!

Mitchell Duckro, of Sydney, Ohio, shot his daughter’s ex-boyfriend James Rayl, 22, three times
Rayl was struck in the left shoulder, right shoulder and back through the front door as he tried to break into the family’s home
Allyson Duckro had broken up with Rayl a year and a half before the shooting, but he left a voicemail the night before and stopped by the house unannounced
A Shelby County grand jury voted 8 to 1 not to indict based on Ohio’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law

Gruesome video footage shows the moment a protective Sydney, Ohio father guns down his daughter’s ex-boyfriend as the man tries to break into the family’s home.

It was nearly a month ago when James Rayl, 22, tried to shoulder his way through the front door of his former flame Allyson Duckro who lived at 2907 N. Kuther Road.

The Ring camera footage recorded on July 31, at 11 a.m. shows the man, wearing a baseball cap, blue hoodie, grey T-shirt and shorts as he stands in front of the door, ring the bell repeatedly.

He folds his hands behind his back and waits as minutes go by.

After waiting several minutes outside the door, James Rayl, 22, tries to bust into his ex-girlfriend’s home

Rayl opens the screen door and tries the handle, then throws the weight of his body against the door.

The voice heard in the recording on the other side is Mitchell Duckro, Allyson’s father, who warns Rayl to stop.

‘I’ve got a gun,’ he says, but the jilted beau keeps on banging away at the door.

He eventually throws his shoulder into it, busting the deadbolt lock and opening the door a few inches.

That’s when the dad lets loose with three rounds hitting Rayl in the left shoulder, right shoulder and back.

Rayl flinches as he’s hit, then stumbles back down the front walkway and collapses around the corner of the house in front of the garage door.


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