“Guest Post Query”

I realize Mossad, the CIA and FBI has not attracted the best and brightest for a very long time.
In fact nowadays they get the sweepings from the slaughterhouse floor, the gentuza.

But damn!
Throw that hasbara manual away.
Using the same heading on the contact me form again and again over damn near seven years now is just a bit unimaginative.

It is like in Viet Nam when West Point “trained” officers screamed shit from a book in the face of reality and bullets.
You can not get intelligence from a manual or a book.

Probably hearing Viet Nam vets tell me of the ignorance and stupidity of West Point officers they had to frag to stay alive is part of the reason when the local congressman called my father and offered me West Point I never called them back.

The other reason was I was already there in another life and was not all that impressed.

I am one who knows who the hell I was, the parts I played in many former lives.
I have been poisoned, knifed, shot and damn well crucified.
Course I have done some of all the above to others who desperately needed killing also.

Point is I have been at this game a hell of a lot longer than any of the bottom of the barrel slow witted manual and book regurgitating dregs of society evil can lure into it’s service presently.

I damn well have a devious mind.
If your mind is not devious you can not understand the acts and motives of the devious child raping mass murdering minions of evil making war on God and humanity presently.

God does not send God’s warriors out unarmed.
When God has very evil devious sons of bitches God needs to go after, God don’t send Gabriel.
All he does is go around blowing on things!
If one is going to send a being after real evil devious sons of bitches, one sends a junk yard dog with a devious mind.

I am way above the pay grade of bottom of the barrel hasbaras.
I can see and smell your feeble attempts at getting a shit encrusted foot in the door or trying to gets some shit posted on my blog which could get it taken down.

I understand real law, and I understand the fake corporate laws evil is using to over ride Common Law.
I can say any damn thing I want as long as it is the truth on my blog.
I am of the most Royal Bloodline currently existing on this rock.
I did the legal work to prove NO ONE, NO ‘government”, has any rights or jurisdiction to my Land, the Kingdom of Carleton.

But if I allow some scum sucking hasbara to slip some shit into an article which violates the fake corporate law rules of the evil fucks, then they could have grounds to shut my site down.

So if something needs posting on this site, I will damn well post it.

I care not for evil’s shekels as Judas did.
I care not for worldly fame.
Who am I going to impress, these sheep who can not walk and chew gum at the same time?
I care not for an earthly kingdom.
Being in charge of a bunch of dim witted sheep who keep shitting and pissing on themselves while trying to run off cliffs or help the jackals make supper out of their asses is a constant headache and a real pain in the ass I can do without.

I do my Duty to God is why this blog is here.
If God would release me from that duty I would damn well rather spend my time grabbing my ole ladies ass, reading, fishing or riding my motorcycles.

Note to Mossad, CIA and FBI.
Get some better minions.
The ones you have are dense and suck the big one!

King John de Carleton

The Ole Devious Ass Dog!

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