Trump ‘bragged for years he had intelligence on ”naughty” Macron’s sex life’-As I bet the Gay Rothschild Bitch Macaroni did on Trump

Donald Trump bragged during and after his time in office that he has dirt on French President Emmanuel Macron’s sex and personal life through ‘intelligence’ During the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate earlier this month, the FBI found a document it listed as ‘info re: President of France’ It’s not clear if the document contained […]

REVEALED: Wisconsin news anchor, 27, committed suicide at home just six weeks before her wedding…Suicidal Thoughts is listed side effect of the Killer Jabs

But hell! One would have to be suicidal to take the Killer Jab in the first place! The Ole Dog! Neena Pacholke killed herself in her apartment in Wisconsin on Saturday Police were called at 9am after her worried friends requested a welfare check She had told them that morning that she wanted to kill […]

“Guest Post Query”

I realize Mossad, the CIA and FBI has not attracted the best and brightest for a very long time. In fact nowadays they get the sweepings from the slaughterhouse floor, the gentuza. But damn! Throw that hasbara manual away. Using the same heading on the contact me form again and again over damn near seven […]

Tiny Island for Misfits, Pedophiles and pretend “royals” “british” Navy comments on failure of its biggest warship

Back when my Plantagenet ancestors ran that little Island along with half of France there were real men WHO kicked ass. Back when my Great-grandfather typed Edward the 1st kicked the child gang raping and sacrificing in heathen rituals red Russian Usury Khazarian’s asses out of Merry Ole. Course that was also before the commoner […]