The more I have come to understand this world, the less the noise of political whores, rich ass holes and entertainment whores mean. The noise they make along with the fearful and very stupid bleating of the sheeple fade into a faintly annoying background noise sort of like a tiny insignificant gnat buzzing your ear. […]

Reports Of US Criminal Occupation Headquarters in Baghdad Being Evacuated As Iraqi Freedom Fighters Attack

It is FACT Israel and USA Did 9-11 as a False Flag to start unjust Criminal Wars against peoples and countries which never attacked America It is a FACT the Rothschild’s Terrorist group ISIS is a proxy Mossad operation. This means ALL USA personnel occupying Iraq are war criminals occupying a country which did not […]

Teenage Pennsylvania National Guard soldier training with her twin sister dies from Killer Jab

PFC Alyssa Cahoon, 17, died on August 25 ‘with her family by her bedside’ She had been undergoing basic combat training at South Carolina’s Fort Jackson Army Base with her identical twin sister Brianna The two were just five days away from graduating when Alyssa suddenly collapsed during physical training on August 20 Doctors later […]