Willy and Big Pie Hole Harry ‘will NOT mark 25th anniversary of Diana’s MURDER

Half Brothers Willy the Fake “prince” and his half brother Big Pie Hole Harry, twice a Fake ‘prince” as the Fake “prince” No Chin Charlie is not his sperm donor daddy.

While Willy is the spawn of the Pedo No Chin Charlie

Pedo No Chin Charlie seen here with his Bestist Buttie BBC presenter Jimmy Savile who was a serial child and dead body rapist who was invited to most all the Fake “royals” family holiday events.
Guess someone had to bring the kiddy Party favors

Big Pie Hole Harry is the son of a British Army Officer Di had a sexual fling with as No Chin Charlie was too busy with children to keep Di sexually satisfied.


The “royals” are fakes as both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were bastards sired by commoner daddy the Princes ole lady who was a slut was banging like a bunny rabbit anytime the Prince was away.

This means EVERY king, queen, prince or princess since Edward the 4th took the throne have been shams, fakes, pretender commoners.

And the current batch are a bunch of child rapers to boot!

The fake queenie who has a record of making children disappear herself, married No Chin Charlie off to Di trying to get some of the real bloodline into her grandson, Willy.

After they used Di for breeding purposes and she started fighting back against their evil, she had a mysterious car wreck, was left in the wreck for a long period of time to die when she should have been taken to a hospital, when put in an ambulance was driven past several hospitals to give her more time to die, and the cover up continues today.

If my grandmother and daddy (Willy) and step daddy (Big Pie Hole Harry) had murdered my mother I would not celebrate the day she was murdered either!

The Ole Dog!

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