New Hampshire Libertarians Dragged For Calling John McCain’s Death A ‘Holiday’, Who Nearly Sank a US AirCraft Carrier, Killing Many Sailors, Made Propaganda Movies For The Enemy While a POW, and Finked On Fellow American POWs to the Enemy

Treasonous to America Israel Firster McCain’s spawn daughter us whining because New Hampshire Libertarians spoke the truth about how America is better off with McCain pushing up daisies.

She is trying to keep the lie about McCains life being other than detrimental to America and humanity alive.
Probably to hide her shame for the evil lying cowardly treasonous sack of pig shit being her sperm donor daddy.

He grandfather was a treasonous sell out bastard also.

I recall watching a training film as a young SeaBee featuring the fire fighting on the aircraft carrier McCain set on fire being a dumb ass.
Even though there were severely burned sailors waiting to be flown off to hospitals, McCain was flown off in the first chopper which lifted off to keep the sailors from killing his ass!

By the way, the treasonous screw up lied about why his arm was screwed up.
As he was the spoiled spawn of a Navy admiral (his admiral father was given a senate seat which Jr. inherited for heading the coverup of Israel murdering sailors and trying to sink the USS LIBERTY in international waters in 1967)

uss liberty veterans association

he figured the rules did not apply to him, so when his instructors in flight school explained how to cross your arms and grab your vest when punching out of a plane, he did not listen.

So when he punched out, he had his arms willy nilly so they got broke hitting shit in the plane as he was rocketed out in the ejection seat.

He landed in water and would have drowned except a North Viet Nam farmer swam out and dragged him to safety and kept the NV soldiers from killing the screw up.

While in POW camp, he was named Song Bird by his captors as he sang like a bird, telling them everything he knew or could make up and would not shut up.

He made Anti-USA propaganda films for the North Vietnamese.
He squealed on his fellow USA POWs.

When he returned to Viet Nam as a senator after the war, he refused to meet with or even acknowledge the North Vitmanese farmer who saved his life as that would have shined the light of truth on his lies about why his arm was messed up.

Damn shame and America would be a better place if that farmer had let his ass drown!

The Ole Dog!

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