India’s ‘twin towers’ collapse in five seconds: In Controlled Demolition Blast-Just Like the WTC Twin Towers Did On 11 Sep. 2001

WTC Twin Towers Coming down in controlled demolition.

Amazing how Controlled Demolition can bring very tall buildings down in their foot prints.
Takes months of planning, weeks of running wires, planting shape charges which cut through huge steel beams like this shape charge cut seen at the WTC in New York after the controlled demolition of three buildings.

One never hit by an airplane

Here Larry Silverstein talks about giving the order to set off the explosives (Pull) to bring down WTC building #7 never hit by an airplane.
The plane which was was supposed to hit it was delayed in takeoff for so long the Pentagon could not justify letting it get through like the first two and it had to be brought down in a field in Pennsylvania

‘Article on Twin Towers in India Being Brought Down In Controlled Demolition, Just Like The Three Buildings at WTC New York on 11 September 2001’

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