A Forgotten Fluoride Letter, from a Government Scientist-ARE YOU LISTENING “mayor” PENDEJOBERG AT San Antonio CITY HALL?

by Jon Rappoport August 22, 2022 I wrote and posted this article about eight years ago, and then again six years ago. It concerns a shocking letter written by an EPA scientist in 1999. The letter shouldn’t be forgotten. Here we go: It’s no surprise that the US government would look the other way when […]

Prominent Chinese diplomat suggests US carried out 9/11 attacks-Actually Israel did 9-11, USA/DC Assisted

Who ya going to believe? Washington DC child raping mass murdering Anti-American war criminals or your own lying eyes? The Ole dog! Brady Knox – Washington Examiner Aug 17, 2022 A top Chinese diplomat appeared to suggest that the United States carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks in a tweet on Tuesday. Chinese Foreign Ministry […]

Liz Cheney Who’s Evil Having Orgasms Torturing Innocent People Father Helped Israel Attack America on 11 Sep. 2001, Holocausting 3,000 Americans, Enters Second Stage Of Grief, Blames ‘Very Sick’ Republicans For Her Loss

After Liz Cheney’s devastating primary defeat last Tuesday, the deposed neocon princess held her chin high as she entered the first stage of grief – denial – suggesting she could primary Trump in 2024, and comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln in a cringeworthy concession speech that rewrote history to fit her narrative. On Sunday, Cheney […]

Headline-“National Divorce: It Is Time”- South Tried That, USA/DC “soldiers” Gang Raped Our Children & Pregnant Women To Death & Militarily Occupied Us For 158 Years & Counting!

Americans are some of the most ignorant brainwashed sheep around. A civil war is when two or more factions fight a war to control the same seat of power. The illegal terrorism invasion of the Confederacy by the USA was not a civil war. The Southern countries called states saw the closet homosexual atheist lying […]