GRACE HUGHES IS NOT Missing-Australian “government”, “police” & “military” Protect Baby Rapers and Persecute Humans Standing Up For The Children

Understand the evil does not have to have compromised with child rape or bribes blackmail every person in an organization. Just the “leaders” who give the orders. In the Masons, there are still good men in the organization who do not understand what the lodges are being used for, the evil they are supporting. The […]

HANDS Biden Revives Biggest Offshore Oil and Gas Steal from States In America’s History

‘THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’/”WASHINGTON DC’ This means ‘THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/DC CORPORATION is illegally stealing and selling oil rights belonging to the Occupied Republic of Texas, Occupied Louisiana, Occupied Mississippi, Occupied Florida. This is the USA acting as Pirates. Nothing more, nothing less! In days of old, they hanged pirates until their necks […]